Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Land of No Ideas (The)

In The Land of No Ideas
    The people are so boring.

They lie in bed and sleep, sleep, sleep!
     Perhaps you’ve heard them snoring.

In the Land of No Ideas
     There’s nothing much to do.

I’d be sick and tired of that
      And I think that you’d be too!

In The Land of No Ideas
      There’s little work that’s done.
These dreadful, tedious, stupid folk
       Have not learnt to have fun!

In The Land of No Ideas -
     They’ve no imagination
And even when you try to help
     They won’t get inspiration.

In The Land of No Ideas,
     What do these people care?
Off to The Land of No Ideas?  
      Oh no, please don't go there!

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