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By Josie Whitehead

Mrs What's-a-Name

Our teacher, Mrs What’s-a-Name,
     Is loved, there is no doubt,
But her funny notices appear
     When no-one is about:

Do not disturb me please,’ she wrote,
     ‘Unless you’re being sick!
Then leave the room immediately
     But come back pretty quick!

Another notice on the wall
     Said: ‘Please don’t eat your shoes!
Then: ‘Be quiet when I take my nap.
     Get on with what you choose.’

Then someone noticed something else:
     Of not the usual sort:
This year, just as an exercise,
     You can write your own report.’

We noticed she was fast asleep,
     But knew just what she’d say:
This afternoon’s your own free-time,
      So go on out and play.’

Our Mrs What’s-a-Name’s all right
     And she never makes a fuss:
Our golden rule’s: ‘Don’t bother her
     And she’ll not bother us.’

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