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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

My Warm Woolly Knickers.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

My Warm Woolly Knickers

In the days of my childhood, we small girls were told
That warm woolly knickers would keep out the cold.
      So Mum bought me some, to keep me quite warm.
      Oh, all girls wore these pants - they were the norm.


'Jack Frost will not bite you! You’ll never feel cold -
And look, they're so pretty,' was what I was told.
     We lacked central heating unlike homes of today,
     So our warm woolly knickers  kept us cosy all day.
Our school wasn’t heated as the schools of today
And school knickers were navy, dark green, even grey.
     Ah - but now I’m a Granny and my home is quite hot.
     Wear warm woolly knickers?  No!!!!  Certainly not!!!


Copyright on all my poems




Note In fact they were just like the pants/knickers above and were cotton, but we called them 'out warm woolly knickers' .  They didn't keep out the cold and we didn't wear woolly tights but usually long knitted socks.  We did have radiators in our classrooms, but it still seemed cold and our school milk (in small bottles), which we were made to drink, often was frozen in the winter and the crates were left on the radiators in the corridor to thaw out.  We all grew up sturdy and strong however  - well most of us did!  Josie 

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