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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Table Manners for the Young - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Table Manners for the Young

Don’t hit your brother, my darling;
    It causes him stress and despair,
And please take your feet off the table
     And put them back under your chair.

Don’t throw your food on the floor dear,
     For Mummy has cleaned it today.
No, 'yucky' is not a nice word dear.
     'Delicious' is what we all say.

Carrots are good for you sweetheart.
      They’re good for your eyes, I am told.
Yes, Granny did eat up her carrots,
     But wears glasses because she is old.

The peas must go into your mouth dear.
     They’re not meant to go into your ears.
Your drink is important - please drink it!
     Now it’s gone on the floor, it appears.

Don’t put your knife in your mouth dear,
    You could possibly cut off your tongue,
And it’s such a long life without talking
      For a girl who is terribly young.

Don’t feed the dog with your cake dear,
     And don’t throw your cheese at the wall.
Your manners are awful my darling,
     For someone who’s ever so small.

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