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Funny Poems for Children
By Josie Whitehead

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I   W I S H

By Josie Whitehead

I Wish

I wish I were a pirate bold

     And sailed the seven seas,

But a pirate must do awful things

     Whilst my wish is to please.


I wish I were a clever cook

    And cooked meals for your plate,

But a clever cook I’ll never be

     For cooking’s what I hate.


I wish I were a fast race horse,

     And every race I’d win,

But a horse’s head instead of mine

     Would surely make you grin.


I wish I were a man in space

   And could steer my way to mars,

But would I get quite lost in space

     Far up, amongst the stars?


I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish - - -

     Oh, I’m glad that I’m just me,

And I’ll sit and write and write and write

      Whilst you’ll get po e try.



Copyright on all my poems

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