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By Josie Whitehead
Decision Has Been Made (A)
Dear Parents

There’s a subject that’s been raised again

       And a decision has been made.

We’ve had our meetings at the school

     And talked a lot and prayed.


The problem, as I think you know,

     Is getting kids in school

And the Government’s now is telling us

     That forcing them is cruel.


The cane, which we remember well,

     Which often would appear,

Has been abandoned long ago:

     It causes children fear.


Coaxing them just hasn’t worked.

     Exams? – Well, say no more!

We’ve exhausted every avenue

     To get them through our door.


We’ve tried to cut their working day

     And homework?  Now there’s none!

The problem is they say they’re bored

     Before their day’s begun.


There’s only one thing left to do

     To coax them out of bed:

You send your children out to work

     And we’ll teach you instead!



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