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Cartoon Crocodile


Funny Animal Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Cartoon Crocodile
Crocodile Came for Tea (A) - hEADING .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Crocodile Came for Tea (A)

Aunt Mildred gave a tea party     

     One lovely summer’s day.

She laid the table daintily     

      And put good things on display.


Her silver teapot held the tea;
     She made some dainty cakes.
She counted out the sandwiches
     For she never made mistakes.

The serviettes, the silver knives
     And spoons were gently laid.
She had a little help, of course:
     In fact she hired a maid.


At 3 pm the guests arrived  -
     A few friends from the zoo.
One waddled in and quacked 'hello'
      But some guests simply flew.

One wore a coat of pure black stripes –
      A handsome fellow, he.
The last arrived with smiling jaws
      Quite ready for his tea.

It’s sad to say the serviettes
     Stayed folded on their plates,
For the last arriving guest that came -
     Well, the other guests he ate.

Copyright on all my poems 

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