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Funny Animal Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead
Cute Poodle

By Josie Whitehead
Chubby Puppy (The)

The chubby puppy sleeps all day

      And doesn’t come when called.

The chubby puppy sleeps all night

      And in his bed lays sprawled.


The chubby puppy comes to life

     When food’s put on his plate,

But running in the park?  Oh no!

     For running’s what he’d hate.


When the children fetch his lead,

     You’ll hear his fearsome snores,

For he’s content that they go out

     Whilst he just stays indoors.


The chubby puppy yawns and yawns

     And then, of course, curls up –

And of all the pups I’ve ever met

     He’s the plumpest, laziest pup.

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