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School Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Open Book
This is also one of many good
Poems to Perform
Open Book
Hands Raised


By Josie Whitehead

In the Learning Stream
Open Book
Open Book

Information’s like a living stream

    That quickly ebbs and flows.

It leaves my teacher’s lips and then

    Into my ears it goes.


It circulates through lots of tubes

    Within this head of mine

And, finding that I have a brain,

     It starts to intertwine.


It looks to find a dwelling place –

    Somewhere to make a home.

It hopes that it can settle down

    With no more need to roam.


But sleep?  Oh no!  Oh no no no!

     It’s not the time to rest.

Our teacher calls it back again –

      We’ve got a bloomin’ test!    

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