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By Josie Whitehead

Don't Be Scared

Look inside this garden bush –

     Well, are you quite prepared?-

But will I find a poisonous snake?’

     Oh yes, but don't be scared!


Come into this deep dark wood.

     There’s a creature, thickly haired.

But will his big teeth crunch me up?’

     Oh yes, but don't be scared!


Would you prefer a fearsome wolf -- 

     With yellow eyes that stared?

But would I be the wolf's next meal?’

     Oh yes, but don't be scared!


Well, come and meet these friendly lions.

     Oh I'm sure that you'd be spared.

But surely lions eat kids like me?’

      Oh yes, but don't be scared!


I write the most ferocious poems

    And never feel despaired.

Of course you’ll know why I do this -

     To see if you are scared!



Copyright on all my poems

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