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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Granddad's Toupee

Our Granddad bought a toupee
     Meant to hide his balding spot.
In winter it was snug and warm
     But in summer it was hot.

It caused his head to itch a lot,
    Which drove him almost mad,
But he wouldn’t take it off outside
      And this was rather sad.

The situation was so bad
     That he groaned at everyone.
He was miserable, quite fretful 
     And he didn’t have much fun.

As soon as he returned back home,
     He’d take it from his head:
'My life is good without this thing,'
      Is what poor Granddad said.


He sat out in his garden seat;
     His work was all complete.
He had a yawn and shut his eyes
     And quickly fell asleep.

His head dropped forward on his chest;
    The toupee did as well.
Then Mac, his terrier dog, arrived 
      And discovered a strange smell.

He pounced upon the toupee
     For he thought it was a rat.
'I’ll not have rats at my home -
     So I’ll soon dispose of that!'

He held the toupee in his jaws 
    And shook with all his might,
And Granddad’s feeling happier now
      Without an itch in sight.

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