Winter Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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This is a perfect Poem to Perform
Winter and Ice - in a cold snowy field.j


By Josie Whitehead

Winter Picnic (The)

Winter is wearing his white, woolly vest.
This morning he is looking his very best.
     He’s having a picnic with his best friend, Ice,
     In a cold, snowy field – so that’ll be nice.

There are two little ice-burgers inside an ice box,
Some frost, lots of snow and delicious iced rocks.
There’s freezing cold water for the two friends to drink.
     What a fabulous picnic, I am sure you will think!

When the picnic’s all finished they'll swim in the river.
In the biting cold water they’ll both laugh and shiver.
     'Oooh good, we can play in this wonderful snow
    And make a snow castle before we must go.'

The two friends have had such a wonderful day.
They hope the cold weather will not go away.
Their picnic was great but they’ve one thing to fear:
     They'll soon have to leave us for Spring will be here. 

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The Winter Picnic is very popular with children and they and their teachers chose it for publication in 2010, plus the other two poems in the links above, ie Jack Frost and Poor Old Snowman. Almost 400 poems were published in 5 books. If you go to my introduction, you'll see that children at my local school encouraged me to write for them.  I only wrote one poem (aged 11) before the age of 66 years.  It's never too late to be encouraged in life.  I hope you like this poem.  Why not get your children to do an illustration for me?  Josie