Love Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Christmas Gift


By Josie Whitehead

Gift of Love (The)

A present’s given - plainly wrapped -
      But it’s nothing that’s been bought.
It doesn’t need a bright red bow 
      But it’s sent with lots of thought.

You’ll not find this inside a box,
      Or hanging on a tree:
You’ll not buy this in any shop -
     This special gift from me. 
I can’t describe this gift at all,
      Yet it’s given from my soul.
There’s heartfelt goodness in my gift
      That will help you to be whole.

This gift can be passed to a friend,
      For there’s plenty left to share 
And, seen and felt, yet freely given,
      You’ll find it everywhere.

Please keep it safely in your heart;
      It’s a special gift for you 
That will bring you cheer and happiness
      When I’ll have said adieu.

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I have written this poem especially for my two grandchildren - Jessica and Daniel - because during all the years of their childhood when we were denied any time with them, we both kept the special  gift of love that we had, in our hearts especially for them.  I know many other grandparents will share this sentiment too.  Josie