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 Love Poems
By Josie Whitehead

This is a Poem to Perform
Christmas Gift

By Josie Whitehead

Gift of Love (The)

A present’s given - plainly wrapped -
      But it’s nothing that’s been bought.
It doesn’t need a bright red bow 
      But it’s sent with lots of thought.

You’ll not find this inside a box,
      Or hanging on a tree:
You’ll not buy this in any shop -
     This special gift from me. 
I can’t describe this gift at all,
      Yet it’s given from my soul.
There’s heartfelt goodness in my gift
      That will help you to be whole.

This gift can be passed to a friend,
      For there’s plenty left to share 
And, seen and felt, yet freely given,
      You’ll find it everywhere.

Please keep it safely in your heart;
      It’s a special gift for you 
That will bring you cheer and happiness
      When I’ll have said adieu.

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