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Dactylic Poetry

By Josie Whitehead



*A Dactylic Poem
with its waltz-like rhythm

By Josie Whitehead

Embracing the World

Feeding the ducks; eating drippy ice creams;
Climbing on rocks and then paddling in streams;
     Riding on roundabouts; shooting down slides;
     Teasing poor granny with things that I hide.

Hiding Mum’s feet in a mountain of sand;
Digging out shells with my little boy’s hand.
     Pouring some sea water all over Dad.
     The life of a small boy is really not bad!

Picking up conkers; collecting bright leaves.
Learning what happens upon Christmas Eve.
     Opening my presents; enjoying bright lights.
     Embracing the world with its lovely delights.

Jumping on Daddy and screaming with joy;
Tantrums and temper – I’m just a small boy!
     Cautiously trying the foods that are new
     And meeting the creatures who live at the zoo.

Making new friends and then sharing our toys;
Kicking a football with other small boys.
     Going to nursery school; learning new things;
      Enjoying my birthdays and all that they bring.

Cuddles and grins for my Gran and Granddad;
Showing the world that I’m not really bad.
     Building a snowman and sliding on ice!
     Oh - being a small boy is really quite nice.

Copyright on all my poems



Dactylic Poetry:  You can hear the rhythm in the name:  DAC ty lic.  Dum di di:

eg:  FEEDing the DUCKS; CUDdles and GRINS; BUILDing a SNOWman and SLIDing on ICE.  Try some dactylic sentences yourself.  WRITing a POEM.  GOing to SCHOOL.  DOing my BEST. etc etc.

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