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Christmas Story-Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Purple Bells
Purple Bells


By Josie Whitehead

Story of Young DoDo Deer (The)

‘Oh hurry up!’ called Santa Claus -

      And what an angry voice!

'Get on with it!’ he called again.

     ‘Work hard.  You have no choice!!!’


These reindeer, on their training course,

      Were there to learn his route.

‘You’re here to work!’ old Santa cried.

      ‘You’re not here to look cute!!!’


One little reindeer didn’t care.

      ‘Why should I have to learn?’

The children playing down below

     Were more of his concern.


The other reindeers learned the route

     But, when they looked around,

The smallest one, called Dodo Deer,

     Was nowhere to be found.


Yes, he’d escaped and gone to earth.

     To work?  Oh, no, no, no!!

He’d seen the children in a field - - -

     A field of cold, cold snow!


Then down to earth came Dodo Deer

     And landed at their feet.

The children had a big surprise

     But added: ‘He’s so sweet!!!’


They took this little deer to school

     And cared for him all day.

Send him back to Santa Claus?

     ‘Oh no!  He’s here to stay.’


On Christmas Eve, high in the sky,

     Is Santa’s sleigh - so clear,

But tucked up warm, inside his shed,

     You’ll find young Dodo Deer.


A happy life?  Oh yes, for sure,

     For Dodo and his friends.

You’ve surely met him, where you live -- - -

     But it’s here my story ends.

Copyright on all my poems

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