Animal Poems -

The Duck-Billed Platypus


By Josie Whitehead 


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The Duck Billed Platypus - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Duck Billed Platypus (The)

Have you met the platypus -
A creature quite anomalous? 
    It walks around on four flat feet 
And worms and shrimps are what it eats. 
It lays its eggs and has a bill. 
Believe me, it’s quite strange, yet still 
    It’s not a fish and not a fowl;
    It doesn’t sing; it doesn’t growl. 
A mammal covered with brown fur, 
Its back leg has a little spur 
    Containing poison - so watch out! 
    If he attacks, you’ll surely shout! 
They live in burrows in the ground. 

Streams and ponds are where they’re found. 
    Fear not the duck-billed platypus -  
    Who’s odd, yet not anonymous.

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*This was one of four hundred of my poems published in 2010 by AMS Publishers, Leeds

Did you know that there was an ANIMAL who laid eggs and fed its young with milk and also had a bill (beak)?  Well, there you are.  You do now.  Isn't this strange?  Josie