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Animal Poems -
The Duck-Billed Platypus

By Josie Whitehead 


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The Duck Billed Platypus - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Duck Billed Platypus (The)

Have you met the platypus -
A creature quite anomalous? 
    It walks around on four flat feet 
    And worms and shrimps are what it eats. 
It lays its eggs and has a bill. 
Believe me, it’s quite strange, yet still 
    It’s not a fish and not a fowl;
    It doesn’t sing; it doesn’t growl. 
A mammal covered with brown fur, 
Its back leg has a little spur 
    Containing poison - so watch out! 
    If he attacks, you’ll surely shout! 
They live in burrows in the ground. 

Streams and ponds are where they’re found. 
    Fear not the duck-billed platypus -  
    Who’s odd, yet not anonymous.

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Anomalous: Differing from the normal.

Did you know that there was an mammal who laid eggs and fed its young with milk and also had a bill (beak)?  Well, there you are.  You know  now.  So, isn't this strange?  In fact the group name for such creatures is 'monotremes'.   Josie 

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