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Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

By Josie Whitehead

Poems for 5th November - Bonfire Night
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By Josie Whitehead

Remember, Remember

Remember, remember sixteen hundred and five
When thirteen friends thought it was time to contrive
       A plan to get rid of their government and king
      And, under cover of darkness, to Parliament did bring

                Thirty six barrels of gunpowder.

Remember, remember that they had a good reason
And death was the price that you paid for your treason.
      Repressing the Catholics was the root of their cause
      And these men decided to abolish these laws.

            James I turned out to be just as intolerant 
            of the Catholics as Elizabeth I, in fact.

They stored all the gunpowder quite well out of sight
And then crept into Parliament under cover of night,
      But the thought of killing some innocent folk,
      Caused some to feel troubled, and one of them spoke.

              He spoke to a friend - Lord Monteagle 
              about the plan in an anonymous letter.

When the King heard the news, he called on his forces,
And to Parliament galloped his soldiers on horses.
      Deep in the cellars Guy Fawkes was discovered
      And the truth of the matter was quickly uncovered.

          Some people say that the gunpowder was 
          too old and damp to have exploded anyway .


He was thought to be traitor to country and king.
He was tortured, condemned and on the gallows did swing.
       With bonfires they celebrated the safety of James –
       And we remember this story today with our flames.

              Even today we only allow His Majesty
             into Parliament once a year.  Why?
                   Because we . . . REMEMBER!


Copyright on all my poems

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