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Bird Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Master of Display.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Master of Display

The stately peacock, plumaged bright,
Displays his feathers to delight
     The females who, in dowdy dress,
     He hopes sincerely to impress.

Sleek feathered bird with head held high;
Most fabulous fowl beneath the sky.
      Fanned tails and fancy footwork mean
      You’re most intent on being seen.

The peahen looks at length of tail
When she seeks out her perfect male.
      She notes the spots of superb plume
      And he’s judged on his grand costume.

High up in trees they spend their night,
Their lengthy plumage packed in tight.
     When dawn arrives, their raucous screams
     Will interrupt the soundest dreams.

In splendid, stately country homes
You’ll see the peacocks freely roam.
     On well-cared lawns, they’ll flirt and call,
     And, with their showy gait, walk tall.

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