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Holiday Pumpkin


Halloween Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Holiday Pumpkin



By Josie Whitehead

Written in the lyrical rhythm and rhyme scheme  of a limerick.

Halloween Secrets

When the moon’s shining high in the sky,
With the bats circling far up on high;
       When the branches of trees 
        Dance in tune with the breeze,
Then the witches and ghouls will pass by. 
Hear the skeletons rattle their bones?
Ghostly figures in shadows will moan, 
       Far, far from mankind 
       You’ll find them entwined 
Whilst King Demon sits on his throne. 
The witches have come on their brooms; 
Ghostly figures rise up from their tombs. 
        If you listen you’ll hear 
        Spooky music so clear  
As they dance in the encircling gloom. 

With mystical movements they sway;
In the soft swirling mist they display 
       Silvery shadows and shapes;
       Such a strange scene this makes 
As they waltz through the night until day. 

When the morning sun shines in the sky
Party guests will have said their goodbyes. 
        Woodland secrets are safe 
         From the whole human race.
Halloween’s gone in the blink of an eye. 

Copyright on all my poems

I wrote this poem for the children at Westville House Preparatory School, Ilkley,  in 2009, little knowing that not only they but children and teachers right across West Yorkshire would like it so much that they wanted it publishing.  It was published along with 400 other poems in 2010 but the books are not in print now.  However, you can read this poem with its wonderful musical rhythm here.  Would anyone like to write some music to go with it?  Let me know.  Josie 

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