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Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

This is a perfect Poem to Perform

Janet's Foss - See HERE

Fairies of Janet's Foss - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Fairies of Janet's Foss (The)

I’ll take you to a fairy glade
     Within a wooded place.
Here, where a waterfall cascades,
     You may see a fairy face.

They dwell within an enchanted glen
     Surrounded by green trees,
With mossy rocks and water clear,
     And the lightest, sweetest breeze.

Promise that you’ll make no sound.
     Step carefully as you go.
There are limestone rocks and tiny caves
     Where limpid waters flow.

Wild garlic grows within these woods.
     Listen!  Fairy voices call.
The Queen of Fairies, Janet, lives
     In the cave behind the fall.

Sunshine strikes through leafy trees.
     See, there upon the moss,
The tiny creatures play and bathe
     In peace at Janet’s Foss.

Copyright on all my poems



MAGIC?  Do you believe in magic?  I do now.  A lady from Countryfile, a popular BBC television programme on Sunday evenings, telephoned me to ask me if they could film me walking along the river at Janet's Fosse, reciting this poem.  Oh, the excitement!!!  But the fairies heard of this and didn't want to be disturbed.  They waved their magic wands and guess what they did?  On the very day I should have gone there, I woke up and looked through my window and there was heavy snow everywhere and especially at Janet's Foss, and so neither the film crew or I could go there for the filming.  Fairies, you see, like to be quiet and to hide, and not to be seen by people, and so they caused all that snow to fall to keep us all away from their quiet hiding place.  Now do you believe in fairies?  I do and especially now.  Josie 

You may like to read:  In the Magic Place, and this is where some other fairies live, near to my home.

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