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Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

This is Hebers Ghyll, a walk which takes you up Ilkley Moor and which is about 15 minutes walk from my home in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.  When my two grandchildren were small, I took them here and they immediately gave this place a new name:  'The Magic Place' - and you know, little children are more aware of fairies than we adults are, so it must be filled with fairies for certain if that's what they thought.

In the Magic Place - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

In the Magic Place

Come children, dear children, to a beautiful dell

Where here, in the Magic Place, good fairies dwell.

      In a mystical world, under branches of green,

      It’s here, little children, that fairies are seen.


Come children, dear children, tread quietly please:

The Magic Place lies beneath tall growing trees.

      In their undisturbed world, and loved by their queen,

      It’s here in the Magic Place, fairies are seen.  Shhh


Come children, dear children to this hidden glade:

For in this quiet woodland, pure magic is made.

     Dear children, observe this most magical scene

     For it’s here, far from humans, that fairies are seen.



Copyright on all my poems

All of these poems were published in 2010.

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