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Children's Performance Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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(Part 1)

By Josie Whitehead

In this world of wickedness came . . . . . 


Welcome to My Ark Part 1

God appeared to Mr Noah:

      ‘I’ve decided what I’ll do,

And I’ll need someone to help me

      And this help will fall on you!


‘I’ll clear away those wicked folk -

    I’ll send a deadly storm -

And you can build an ark for me,

      Somewhere that’s large and warm.


‘You must take on board my animals,

      The large ones and the small

And your ark will be a home for them,

      Somewhere that’s safe for all.


'You’ll welcome in these creatures,

      Before the heavy rain,

And they’ll remain, along with you

      Till the earth is dry again.


'You’ll have your family with you

     For there’s lots of work to do:

Your sons can help you build your ark

      For it’s too much work for you.


'You’ll need to shop for lots of food

      And things for you to drink.

You’ve to cater for the animals  - - - -

      Oh so much to do I think! 


'The flood will cover all my world

      But your ark will keep you dry,

And in many weeks you’ll be surprised

     To see a clear blue sky.


'I’ll drain the floods away from earth

     So the land will reappear.

Then you will farm my earth once more

      With nothing more to fear.'

Copyright on all my poems

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