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Children's Performance Poems
By Josie Whitehead

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(Part 4)

By Josie Whitehead

Welcome to My Ark Part 4


And then what happened?


Mr Noah and his animals

     And birds all looked around.

The water covered everything.

     They couldn’t see the  ground.


No human beings or animals,

     Nor little birds in sight!

It was such a huge disaster!

       They were in  a dreadful plight!


The ark began to rise up high

     Upon a stormy sea,

Gone were fields of animals

     And even the last tree.


Every day for weeks on end

     The rain poured down with shame.

'Our world,' the camel sadly said,

       'Will never be the same.'


'Without our trees,' a monkey cried:

      'Whatever shall we do?

A monkey can’t climb round an ark!

     It’s too much like a zoo!'


A  kangaroo agreed and said:

    'Oh how I’d love to hop!'

And then the strangest thing occurred:

     The rain began to stop.


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