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Reflective Poems -

By Josie Whitehead

Why not perform this poem well at your school, film it, and link to this website for the world's children to see how well you can perform poetry at your school?  Josie

This is a powerful  POEM TO PERFORM

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By Josie Whitehead

Where Freedom Reigns

Where freedom reigns, enslavement dies,
      Its head held low with shame,
For shackles, which restrained mankind,
     Now feed exemption’s flame.

Where freedom reigns, the human soul
      Can sing salvation’s song.
Here, saddened hearts replaced with joy,
     See good replacing wrong.

Where freedom reigns respect can grow,
     And mankind’s pride increase –
And with that love for fellow man
     The wars on earth will cease.

Where freedom reigns, oppression, fear
      And subjugation flee,
But freedom, in our world today,
     Must start with you and me. 

Copyright on all my poems


* exemption's flame:  exemption = freedom from imposed requirements  (exemption's flame?  I mean the feeling that you are burning up inside because you dearly seek freedom in your life.)

It's very easy to speak of freedom when you live in a country such as my home in the UK but, if you live in a country where freedom does not exist, it is a different matter.  I think this poem is very relevant in our world of today.  What do you think?  Discuss in class.  Josie 

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