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Weather Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Iambic Heptameter
Alliteration:  When the wild wind whistles       
Tropical Storm

S N E A K    T H I E F

By Josie Whitehead

Sneak Thief

When the wild wind whistles
      And the rain pours down
With a loud pitter-pattering
      On villages and towns;

When the trees dance in unison
     To the wild rampant storm;
When you and I are safe in bed
      All cuddled up warm;

When clouds chase like chariots
     Across the blackened sky
And the moon watches over us
     From way, way up high - - -

The world slowly turns around;
     The sun smiles over hills;
People make their way to work
     In offices and mills.

Children scamper off to school;
     Dogs begin to bark;
Gardeners plan their day ahead
      In gardens and in parks.

There’s traffic in the high street
     And people in the shops.
The sun’s now shining brightly
     And the wind’s *begun to drop;

The wind and rain have left behind
     A day that’s warm and bright,
But do you think that blustery wind
    Will sneak back here tonight?

Copyright on all my poems

* began or begun? - Began is the past tense form, as in: The wind began to blow this morning. Begun is the past participle form, which is used to form the present perfect tense (has/have begun) and the past perfect tense (had begun) and is used in passive voice constructions.  So: The wind has begun to drop.

* wild wind whistles; clouds chase like chariots;  When you have a group of words that start with the same letter, (or sound), it is called ALLITERATION - and it marks you as a good poet.  Well, doesn't it?  Make your own poems shine too.  Josie 
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