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Weather Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Iambic Heptameter
Alliteration:  When the wild wind whistles       
Tropical Storm

S N E A K    T H I E F

By Josie Whitehead

Sneak Thief

When the wild wind whistles
      And the rain pours down
With a loud pitter-pattering
      On villages and towns;

When the trees dance in unison
     To the wild rampant storm;
When you and I are safe in bed
      All cuddled up warm;

When clouds chase like chariots
     Across the blackened sky
And the moon watches over us
     From way, way up high - - -

The world slowly turns around;
     The sun smiles over hills;
People make their way to work
     In offices and mills.

Children scamper off to school;
     Dogs begin to bark;
Gardeners plan their day ahead
      In gardens and in parks.

There’s traffic in the high street
     And people in the shops.
The sun’s now shining brightly
     And the wind’s begun to drop;

The wind and rain have left behind
     A day that’s warm and bright,
But do you think that blustery wind
    Will sneak back here tonight?

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