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Winter Poems
for Children

By  Josie Whitehead

This makes a wonderful PERFORMANCE POEM


By Josie Whitehead

It's Nice on Ice

This morning, when I first awoke,

I thought someone had played a joke,

    For when I pulled my curtains back

    Something stopped me in my tracks . . . .


For, whilst I’d slept for many hours,

That ‘someone’, in this world of ours,

     Had iced our world – yes all around,

     High up in trees and on the ground.


Some naughty little winter gnome

Had worked quite hard behind our home

     And iced our world, both high and low -

     With cold, white icing, known as snow.


The sun shone brightly in the sky;

A cold, black crow flew swiftly by

    And children, anxious to get out,

    Were quickly dressed, there is no doubt.


Whilst adults grumble at the snow,

The children think it’s fun you know,

     And skating round upon the ice,

     For sure, they say, is rather nice.

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