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Tree Poems
By Josie Whitehead

Treasure a Tree.jpg
Treasure a Tree

Most of our trees, in both cities and towns,
     Have been planted for beauty or shade,
But you walk beneath trees in their natural homes, 
     In the shade of a quiet woodland glade,

And you'll feel you are now in a magical world -
     Far away from mankind’s busy rush.

Here with the flowers and where birds sing their songs,
     Feel a breathtaking, magical hush.

So what do the trees have to offer mankind
     As they stand there so mighty and still?
People say that the presence of trees in their lives,
     Makes them feel quite relaxed and tranquil.    


As I look through my window I see many trees
    And all have now just dropped their leaves,
And suddenly colour has gone from my world 
     As if stolen by fraudulent thieves.

They reach up their ebony, stark outstretched arms 
     Which are etched against clouds in the sky.
With the coming of spring, their leaves will return
     And in springtime they’ll gladden the eye.

Quite unlike the flowers, a magnificent tree
    Will outlive all we humans for sure,
So people give trees as remembrance gifts 
    For when they are with us no more.

Do you know of a tree you especially like?
     Is it one that you see every day?
It could be a tree from the days of your youth,
    And like me, did you climb it in play?

A tree can add screening or improve a view,
    Or protect you with shelter or shade.
So why not find a place in your world for a tree,
     And bury its roots with your spade?

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