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Minibeast Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

This is an excellent Poem to Perform

Little Butterfly wix.jpg

Illustration by Peter Hudspith 


By Josie Whitehead

Little Butterfly (The)

Josie's Voice Recording

Little Butterfly (The)
Music and song by Martin Torbert, 
New Jersey, USA

There was a little butterfly
      Sitting on a flower.
Down came the raindrops
      And he had a little shower.

Out came the sunshine
      And dried his tiny wings;
Then off flew the butterfly
      To land on other things.

Copyright on all my poems

This is, beyond doubt, one of the favourite poems for children, as simple as it is.  I had a little girl aged one, from Italy, who learned it by heart and she loved to recite it and to flutter round the room, flapping her arms, and covering her head when the rain comes down.  I'm so glad that Martin has put it to music for us and Peter has illustrated it.  Thank you both.     Josie 

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