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Poems to Perform

By Josie Whitehead

Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar
Dance Class


By Josie Whitehead

Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm

There’s a rhythm in your heartbeat
    And a rhythm in your walk.
There’s throbbing in your pulse-beat
    And a *cadence in your talk.

But is there metre in your poetry
    And tempo in your song?
Do your fingers click to music
   To assist your day along?

Hear the steady clippy-clopping
    Of the horses in the lane,
And the gentle rat-a-tatting
    Of the patter of the rain.

Hear the gentle tippy-tapping
   Of my fingers on these keys
For I'm writing you some poetry 
    And trying hard to please.

My telephone is ringing
    With its rhythmic ringing tone,
So I'll stop this tippy-tapping
    And must hurry to my phone!

Copyright on all my poems



* Cadence - in relation to your 'talk'.  This means a variation in the strength, tone, or pitch of one's voice.  In other words, when reciting or reading, make your voice interesting to hear.  Raise and lower the voice and add expression to that which you are reading.  Sadly, all too often, you hear a dull, flat voice reading or reciting poetry.  Don't let this happen when you recite poetry.                                                                                                                       

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