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Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Secondary Schools          Poems to Perform          


By Josie Whitehead

Mr B

Mister B’s a stealthy shadow -

     An impression or a thought.

He’ll spark your creativity

     If he knows it’s truly sought.


He’s that inner visualization

     That will make your spirits lift

And you’ll never need appointments

     For his heedfulness is swift.


He’s your gateway to potential:

     If you seek him you will find

Inspiration lies awaiting

     In a recess of your mind.


He can fire imagination

     In your head and in your heart:

And stir up creativity

     In literature and art.


All dancers, too, are influenced

     And musicians truly blessed.

Who rouses their aesthetic minds?

     Oh, surely you'll have guessed!


Mr B’s a stealthy shadow,

     But unlock his covert tower,

Then, as you give him space to move,

     You’ll feel his magic power.

Copyright on all my poems

PS:  I think Mister B is around poets too.  I call him 'my muse'.  Have you discovered him yet?  I hope so.  Josie

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