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Winter Poems

By Josie Whitehead


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Tree Branch in the Snow

S  N  O  W
By Josie Whitehead


Snow’s carried on the breath of wind
     Beneath the murky cloud.
It coats the countryside and towns
     Within its fleecy shroud.

Then whirling, twirling, spinning fast
     And dancing on the breeze,
It gently lands on village streets,
    On lawns and leafless trees.

It covers both the twigs and bough,
    The hedgerows and the farm,
And paints a stunning. silvery scene - 
      A touch of wintry charm.

Its fluffy coat, bright in the sun,
   Adorns the tops of trees
And the world of nature’s captured
     In a sculptured, frosty frieze.

Then, as the sun begins to sink
     Down in the western sky,
The chilly breeze begins to stir
     And quietly breathes a sigh.

The *spectral moon comes into view,
     Yet from a nearby tree
A robin, with its breast of fire,
    Sings one last song for me.

The brightest planet, Venus, shines
     Upon a world that’s still.
We shut our doors, brush off the snow
     And escape the winter’s chill.

Copyright on all my poems

* Spectral moon:  This adjective relates to the ghostly aspect of the moon - ie when I see it with a ghost-like misty cloak surrounding it in the cold, snowy sky.

When you're writing a descriptive essay or poem, bring in all the elements that you can see, feel, hear etc to bring your picture to life.  Count up the numbers of adjectives that I have used to paint this winter picture.  See also the personification and metaphors that I've used also.  Look how metre is important in a poem too, to bring in movement. 






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