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S e a   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

Seashells - Heading .jpg

S  E  A  S  H  E  L  L  S

By Josie Whitehead


Seashells, seashells,

     Homes beneath the waves;

Clinging to your salty rocks

     And hiding in sea caves.


Sea palaces for sea beasts

    Who snuggle up inside,

Secure from fearful predators -

     Somewhere safe to hide.


You’ll find them on a sandy shore,

     Washed in upon the tide.

Occupants who owned these shells

     Will, naturally, have died.


Some shell traders will take and kill

    The owners of these homes

But you can safely find them

     If a sandy beach you comb.


Seashells, seashells,

    In sizes large and small

Creatures of the blue marine

     Live in your hard stone walls.


If humans could but choose to dwell

    In homes as sweet as yours,

They’d never want to venture out,

     But spend their lives indoors.


Copyright on all my poems

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