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Weather Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Group of Green Leaves
Mr Wind's Little Games.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Mr Wind's Little Games

Did you hear Mr Wind as he shook the wind chimes;
When he rattled the door and he blew the pub signs?
Did you hear as he screamed when he chased over hills
     And he laughed as he bowed down the gold daffodils?

Then he tussled with hedges and rustled the trees
And he twirled the windmills and danced over seas.
     How he whirled and he twirled in a magical dance,
     But to see Mr Wind there’s no possible chance.

The clouds in the sky all ran hither and thither
And even Mum’s washing was all of a dither.
     His wild working fingers have tousled your hair.
     He played teasing games without even a care.

He has tangled the sheets and has mangled the wheat, 
And the rubbish he’s blown everywhere in the street.
     He has whipped round the corner, blown over a bin,
     But I’m sure if you met him, you’d see his big grin.

He is cheeky and sneaky; he’s loud and he’s proud
And he watches the world from high up on a cloud.
     Well, our earth would be strange if he just went away.
How we’d miss Mr Wind and the strange games he plays.

Copyright on all my poems

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