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Poems for 5th November -
Bonfire Night

By Josie Whitehead

Fireworks Shows



By Josie Whitehead

Earth's a Wonderful Place

I’ll be travelling through space very soon,

Right up there with the stars and the moon.

       Earth’s a wonderful place

       When you view it from space.

Yes, I’ll be flying through space very soon.


They’ll all scream with delight as I fly -

As I hurtle myself through the sky.

       When I end all my days

       In a breathtaking blaze,

I’ll screech as I wish them goodbye.


I’ll shoot up to the heavens at night.

Then I’ll light up the sky very bright.

       I’ll hear the 'oohs' and the 'aaahs'

       As I head for the stars.

What a truly spectacular sight!


I’ll impress everyone with my colours,

With my brilliant sisters and brothers.

       As I shoot through the night

       As a vision of light

I’ll surely outshine all the others.


My journey’s at last in my sight.

For I’m now awaiting my flight.

       Let me rocket away

       In a dazzling display

As I wish all you children goodnight.

Copyright on all my poem

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