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Travel and Transport Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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B Y   T U B E

By Josie Whitehead

By Tube

There’s a platform full of people
     Who are looking to the right
With the hope that they will shortly
     See a tube train come in sight.

With their tightly rolled up brollies
    To ward off the London rain –
They hope they’ll not prod others
     In an overloaded train.

Briefcases hold some documents –
    They’ve worked on these at home -

And the briefcase, a most faithful friend,
      Goes wheresoe’er they roam. 

A bowler hat is dated -
    Has its time come to an end?
For the city-slicker youngsters 
   There's a newer fashion trend.

There’s a grumbling, then a rumbling 
     That’s now becoming loud,
And a bustling and a hustling
      From this large, expectant crowd.

And look!  Here come more passengers -
     They're clearly in a rush
And their plans involve the joining of this
     Relentless human crush.     

From the tunnel comes the tube train
    Which slows gently to its rest
Whilst at its doors its passengers
     Are intimately pressed.

Then out spill many occupants
    Whilst new ones bundle in.
They’re tightly packed like sardines
     All compressed within their tin.

They’re face to face with strangers
    Whom they’ve never met before –
But here it seems quite tolerable;
    Not something to abhor.

The doors glide to and off they go -
     A busy day ahead –
But for certain all these straphangers
    Will be back in time for bed.

Copyright on all my poems

* Straphanger:  a standing passenger in a bus or train.  "The strap-hangers were swaying unsteadily"

'Tube train' - A British expression meaning the underground railway, eg:  'I travel by tube each day to work.'




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