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Christmas Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Holly Plant
Holly Plant
Trip to the Pantomime (A) -Main Heading.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Trip to the Pantomime (A)

Tell me what can you see at a panto?
     Whatever can make children grin?
Well this theatre is packed with so many
     And so many who’re still coming in.

All our tickets we’ve shown to the lady
     And she said we can go to our seats.

We’ve brought along popcorn and sweeties
      For at pantos all children like treats.

Now the orchestra’s playing some music
     And the curtain is rising at last.
The performers, the costumes and backdrop -
     Well for certain they can’t be surpassed!

Look!  The nice guys have come on the stage now,
     And the kids are encouraged to shout
For those baddies are waiting to catch them
     Whilst the goodies don’t know they’re about.

So the children all start shouting loudly,
     Whilst those nice guys all tremble with fear,
And the baddies just hide round the corner!
     Oh, it’s the same at the pantos each year.

All their costumes and make-up are special,
      And the children are all quite impressed,
But those pantomime dames, wearing dresses,
     Are all men, as I’m sure you’ll have guessed. 

Silly jokes leave us giggling for ages
     And the clowning’s important, of course,
But a pantomime’s never quite finished,
     Unless there’s a pantomime *horse.

Now there’s one thing a pantomime must have
       For its story must take pride of place!
Then you’ll tell all your friends of this panto
      With a grin that will light up your face!!

  * PS  In Jack and the Beanstalk, there’s a pantomime cow.

Copyright on all my poems

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