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Poems for Younger Children

By Josie Whitehead

This is a fantastic Performance Poem as I've seen many times.  The five hungry ducklings are still coming to my house (parents now).  

Five Hungry Ducklings 2.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Five Hungry Ducklings
Thanks to Martin Torbert - USA
Josie's Voice Recording
Five Hungry Ducklings - Voice Recording

There were five hungry ducklings
      Swimming on a lake:
'My word!' said their Mummy -
      'What a long time you take.'

     'What a long, long time you take!'

'Look, bottoms up, heads down;
      Just copy what I do.
I have to fish for tasty food
     And you must do so too.

     'Yes you must do so too.'


The five hungry ducklings
     Quickly all then said:
'But if we charm those humans,
      They’ll throw us bread instead.'

     'They'll throw us bread instead' -

      Yes, they'll throw us bread instead.'

Copyright on all my poems

This poem has been published by Oxford University Press and has travelled the world in their books.  The children say they like this poem and I hope you all do.  There are many Indian children on Youtube  performing this poem.  Josie 

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