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Spiritual/Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Carve Your Name in Kindness - Heading .j
St Peter's Church, Addingham, West Yorkshire -
My own photograph


By Josie Whitehead

Carve Your Name in Kindness

It’s not the headstone on your grave,
Nor words that say that you were brave - 
     Nor candles lit or prayers they’ll say,
     When they recall you on that day.

It’s not the flowers they’ll place with care,
Nor hymns they’ll sing or poignant prayer.
     The thoughts which will engage their minds
      Will be of a more lasting kind.

They’ll remember just how much you cared;
The affection which you’d freely shared;
     Your friendship and the words you’d said.
      These are gifts you’ll leave when dead.

The flowers on graves soon wilt and die
And mourners leave and say goodbye.
      BUT: The gift you’ll leave, when you depart,
      Is kindness, carved on human hearts.


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