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Electric Guitar
That Rip Rap Rhythm - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

That Rip Rap Rhythm

Click your fingers to the rhythm of rap;
Shake your body, let your fingers snap.
    Wave your arms and shake your feet
    And come let’s dance to the rip-rap beat.  


Move your shoulders and spin around.
Lift those feet well off the ground.
   Dance to the music - wiggle your toes.
   Switch on a smile and twitch your nose.

The music’s loud and the beat is strong
But keep on dancing for you can’t go wrong.
    Wave your hands, jump off the floor;
    Let’s dance to that rip-rap beat once more.

Now one last time and you’re doing well.
You’re carried along on the mighty swell.
    Glance round the room  -  wave to a friend!
    Now the music’s finished - that’s it – the end!


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