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Flamingo 1

Poems to Perform

By Josie Whitehead

Flamingo 1
Flamingo Flamenco - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead 

Flamingo Flamenco

Flamenco by flamingos starts;
     They neatly move and flirt
With heads erect towards the sun,
     Pink plumage in their skirts.

So many heads now twist and turn.
     They glide with bills held high.
It’s such a truly dazzling show
     Beneath the sapphire sky.

Then backwards, forwards, side to side,
     Their heads in rhythm move.
Why do you think they do these things?
     Whatever must they prove?

Out go their wings, in wing salute –
     Bright colours on display.
And who do you think appreciates
     Their feathers so arrayed?

They toss their heads across their backs,
     In a gracious head twist-preen.
The sensuous movements of these birds
      Is something to be seen.

Out goes one wing and leg as well –
     Then one last scene: just wait!
The group reforms and marching starts
     In tempo - necks held straight.

They dance in rhythm, step by step -
     Their teamwork’s truly great –
And this performance is put on
     To charm a watching mate.

Copyright on all my poems



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