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By Josie Whitehead



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By Josie Whitehead

King of My Garden

King of my garden, the robin - he
Who sings with joy from a branch of a tree.
     The summer’s gone and cold winds now blow,
     But Robin sings on through the ice and the snow.

King of my garden, the robin - he
Who drives other birds from the lilac tree.
     The container is filled with the sweetest of seeds
     And it’s here that the little birds gather to feed.

King of my garden, the frost’s all around.
You’re searching for worms in this cold, frozen ground.
     And where do you sleep, my sweet little king?
     'Tucked up in your hedge, my head under my wing.'

Copyright on all my poems 

* Published in 2010, one amongst nearly 400 poems - AMS Educational Publishers, Leeds.  Sorry, it's out of print at the moment.