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Performance Poems

By Josie Whitehead

This is a lovely Poem for Performance for your class
as are lots of my Christmas Poems, as you'll know
Three Wise Men wix.jpg
Three Wise Men (The)

1st person and 1st wise man

'Tell me now, you three wise men,
     Have you travelled far?'
'Oh yes, we’ve travelled many days
      Following that star.'

2nd wise man

'We’ve travelled over desert sand 
     By night and by the day.
We want to get to Bethlehem.
    Are we going the right way?'

3rd wise man

'There’s a reason why we’re going there:
      We’ve gifts we must bestow.
A babe’s been born in Bethlehem - 
     God’s son, we’ll have you know.'

2nd person

'Well, travel on along this road.
     The town lies straight ahead
And in a stable you will find
     The baby in his bed.'

1st Narrator

The three wise men and camels 
     Went quickly on their way,
But angels came to warn them  
    To return another way.

1st and 2nd Angel

'King Herod is a jealous man
    And Jesus he’ll destroy.'
'Go back along another route.
    Say nothing of this boy.'

2nd Narrator

When they arrived in Bethlehem
   They found where Jesus lay.
And, after leaving precious gifts,
     Returned a different way.

Copyright on all my poems

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