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Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead 

White Flowers
White Flowers
Martin Luther King.jpg


Based on the speech by Martin Luther King

By Josie Whitehead

I Have a Dream

'I have a dream' of a world that is fair -
Well, it’s more than a dream, it’s really a prayer.
     A small seed was set when these words were said,
    But from a small seed grew an oak tree instead.

Segregation by race, was deep in his heart.
Segregation by race keeps nations apart.
     Exclusion, separation, rejection by others -
     Not sharing God’s world as sisters and brothers.

'I have a dream' which led on to a march
In the hope it would lead to a triumphal arch.
   'I have a dream.'   Oh, I too, have a dream 
    Where humans show others respect and esteem.

'I have a dream' where equality reigns;
Where freedom flows freely through everyone’s veins.
      Where exclusion by colour, by class or by creed -
       Is changed by attention to each other’s need.

'I have a dream' - where a slave is no more,
And hope for one’s future can knock on each door;
     Where chains that restrain can be torn into shreds
     And freedom from bondage is granted instead. 

'I have a dream' - - - - oh how time has fled -
And the dreamer long since joined the ranks of the dead.
     A shot from a gun - - - - - and was his dream killed,
     Or in the world of today, is it being fulfilled? 

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