Travel and Transport Poems

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Up Up and Away

Fasten your seat belts; hold tight to your seat.

We’re now on the runway; suck hard on your sweet.

      The engine is roaring and the plane now vibrates.

      Then we speed down the runway and the feeling is great.


We feel the plane’s wheels lift away from the ground

And we’re fast moving skywards and holiday-bound.

      So we say our farewells to the world left behind

      As we look down on rooftops.  Goodbye to mankind.


From high in the air, see dolls’ houses below

And small patchwork fields put on a good show.

     The picture’s now changed.  We’re flying through cloud

     And our aeroplane now is quite cloaked in its shroud.


We're through that white blanket into heavenly blue.

See below the white snowfields of cloud we came through?

      Our world and its problems take on a new face

       And both seem diminished when pondered in space.


Unfasten the seat belts.  Now what can I read?

From up here you can hardly imagine our speed!

      Oh here comes the trolley with coffee and beer –

      And with four hours to pass, yes the boring part’s here.

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