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Keighley and Worth Valley Railway - KWVR


By Josie Whitehead

On the Worth Valley Line

Hurry up, please hurry up!

      It's twenty five to nine
And a handsome train awaits us

     On the Worth Valley Line.

The whistle's  blown, the flag is waved

     And everyone is ready.
We’re pulling out of Keighley

      And are going nice and steady.

The train chugs off along the line

     Past houses row by row.
You can study people's gardens

     And discover what they grow.

The whistle blows, darkness comes –

      And we're going through a tunnel.

The smoke that's blowing in on us

      Is coming from the funnel.

All too soon we're out again

     And into bright sunlight.
There are people on the bridge ahead

     Who’re waving with delight.

 We’re halfway there - here’s Oakworth

      With its lovely flower bed.
The whistle blows, the flag is waved

     And we’re steaming on ahead.

Here’s Haworth now where we get off –

      A very 'Yorkshire' town.
We'll see the sights, have a meal

     And then we'll wander round.

At three o'clock we must be back,

      So don't forget the time
For a handsome train awaits us

     On the Worth Valley Line.

Copyright on all my poems


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