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Animal-Hunting Poems

(The Tiger)

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

We'll Not Come on Your Tiger Hunt

We'll not come on your tiger hunt, 
      To put skins on our floors!
And cutting down their forest homes?
      It’s something we abhor.

We’ll not kill birds or animals
     As sport for human game,
And wearing bears' fur on our heads
      Seems such a dreadful shame.

We’ll not kill noble elephants 
     And steal their tusks for wealth –
Or grind up horns from rhinos 
     For the sake of ‘human health’.

We’ll not take panda habitat 
      And the only food they eat -
And a woman’s scarf of silver fox 
     Is not what we call ‘sweet’!

We’ll not destroy the rain forests -
      The place where wildlife roam.
We love the creatures of our world
      And the places they call home.

So we’ll not come on your tiger hunt 
      Or join you in your fun. 
We’re children who respect our world 
      As so should everyone!

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Close Up of Elephant

This poem was Published by Chrysalis Books 2022

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