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White Lily


Easter Poems

By Josie Whitehead

White Lily

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By Josie Whitehead

Woman, Why Weepest Thou?

   I weep with those who’ve lost men they adored;
        Whose fathers, sons and husbands are no more;
        Their young lives spent by cruelties of war;
  By gunfire, bombs, by torture or the sword.

   I weep for those brave souls who, in their lives
       Faced death for values decent folk uphold;
       Faced hatred, degradation – things untold;
  Returned no more to family, friends and wives.

   I weep for Him who sadly paid the price
        For preaching love and caring to mankind.
        Who healed the sick, the leper and the blind.
  Did this, for other people, not suffice?

   'But weep no more, dear Mary, do not grieve.
       Look on me now, sweet lady, strong and brave.
       See, Death cannot contain me in its grave.
    I live today for those who can believe.'

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Note:  Today it isn't just women who grieve but people of both sexes and people of all age groups.  War must surely be the worst thing in our world and so much money is spent on making more and more deadly weapons whilst people are dying of starvation and of disease.  Jesus said that Death could not contain him in its grave and on the third day he showed himself to many people and, in particular to his disciples, the first one being Mary Magdalene, a true disciple.  

I'm so glad that teachers chose this poem to be included in my book: 'Josie's Poems - Reflections' published by AMS Education Ltd, Leeds.  I think it well deserves its place there although the book is out of publishing now.  It's in our library though.  Josie

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