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Christmas Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Sleep Blessed Babe.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Sleep, Sleep Blessed Babe

Sleep, sleep blessed babe.  Sleep, sleep tiny king,

Unaware, at this time, what your future will bring.

      With a star up above you that shines down below,

       Jesus, your name the whole world will soon know.


Sleep, sleep blessed babe, in your rough manger bed,

For there’s nothing to worry your small baby head.

     Sleep, sleep little stranger for mother is near

     And tonight, sleep in safety - you’ve nothing to fear.


Sleep, sleep baby Jesus and welcome to Earth.

As with all newborn babies, you’re tired from your birth.

     Some shepherds and kings, who have followed a star,

     Will arrive very soon, to this place where you are.


So welcome dear child, whose birth was foretold.

You’re safe in your bed now, away from the cold.

      You’ve a lifetime of work in your time on this Earth,

      But soon you’ll be fleeing from the place of your birth.


King Herod's now learned a messiah's been born,

And he’s said, both with envy and a heart full of scorn:

      ‘Kill all baby boys born in Bethlehem town,

       And remember, you soldiers, this king wears the crown!!’ 


So God told the family to flee from that place -

‘As fast as you can, you must go without trace.’

       Like all refugees, they travelled with haste,

       For when God gives an order, there's no time to waste!

Copyright on all my poems


The UK has taken in thousands of refugees in the last few years and I read:  'New figures reveal that Yorkshire and the Humber has taken in more refugees than any other region of England in recent years, according to new figures.  See this article.  I'm proud to live here.

The beautiful town where I live, set between two sets of hills, (moors), with the River Wharfe running through it, comes under the city of Bradford. 

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