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Poems for Reflection
and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

The Mirror's clear and Truthful .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Mirror's Clear and Truthful (The)

The mirror’s clear and truthful
     Hanging soulless on our wall.
If you store our pictures, mirror,
    Tell us what things you recall.

'I’ve observed the seasons changing -
     Summer warmth and winter snow.
I’ve glimpsed wildlife in your garden;
     Seen the flowers come and go.

'I’ve shared your good and bad times –
     The rejoicing and the tears.
I’ve remained detached, impassive -
     Watching faces change with years.

'Toddlers smile to see reflections;
     Children pass with little thought;
The youngsters search for pimples,
     Feeling somewhat overwrought.

'Joy reflects on lovers’ faces
    And the bride adjusts her veil.
Parents, sleeping less at night-time,
    Glance at me quite tired and pale.

'Lines on faces start to deepen.
    And hair changes with the years.
Grandchildren show their faces,
    Then your laughter lines appear.'

Oh, dear mirror, clear and truthful,
    You have watched as years fled by;
In this world of cruel deception,
    We trust you to never lie.

Copyright on all my poems



Your cousin, your friend or others who live at a distance and don't come to visit you may not see your face often, but your mirror does and it records you faithfully.  The only problem was that a couple of years ago I had cataract surgery and whereas I had no lines on my face beforehand, suddenly everything was clear and I had aged - but I could see everything else so very clearly and it was marvellous beyond words. This poem was chosen by children and teachers for publication.  I hope it brings discussion into your class.  Josie 

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