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Image by Andy Falconer

By Josie Whitehead
Visit to York (A)

I’ve been to a city of fame and acclaim.

It’s ancient, it’s loved and is proud of its name.

     It welcomes its visitors, outstretches its arms

     And embraces them all with beauty and charm. 


I’ve walked over York’s cobbled streets in the past

And my memories, for certain, forever will last.

    I’ve taken my visitors from far and from near,

    And the fact they’ve returned is most certainly clear - 

They enjoyed what they found and came back for more,

For between them and York there’s grown a rapport -    

       A love, admiration and a mutual respect.

       Ask them to confirm this.  They will, I expect. 


They’ve soaked up York’s history, walked its old streets,

Visited museums and indulged in some treats.

      They tried York’s *fat rascals, ate puddings and pies

       And gazed at the Minster against the blue skies.


They’ve ambled the Shambles and looked into shops

And they’ve said that York’s theatres are top of the pops.

     They’ve visited restaurants, they’ve been on the Ouse,

     And enjoyed the York skyline whilst taking their cruise. 


They’ve been to York’s market and shopping malls too.

They’ve marvelled at all, both the old and the new.

        Ancient and modern's at home side by side,

        And York displays both with honour and pride. 


They’ve absorbed all the sights and the sounds of this city

And saying goodbye seemed to them such a pity.

     But, York, we’ll return, so bear this in mind, 

     And we know for certain a welcome we’ll find.

Copyright on all my poems

Yorkshire Fat Rascals.jpg

* Yorkshire fat rascals:  Little rock cakes with eyes made from glace cherries and mouths made from almonds.  You'll love them washed down with a good cup of Yorkshire tea.

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